Basic Requirements for a Good Mobile Catering Trailer

Published: 19th September 2011
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Mobile catering trailers can help in developing profitable business. However, like all other businesses, the catering services should also possess few characteristics which can impress the customers and other few which are required to run the business. In a mobile catering trailer, besides the cook, trailer i.e. the vehicle is an important aspect which should necessarily be good. Here are a few features of a good mobile catering trailer, which can help you in choosing a good catering trailer if you are planning to buy a new one.

The first and the foremost quality that your catering trailer should possess is cleanliness. A neat and tidy unit attracts customers thereby improving your business. Moreover, it is also important that from your side you serve healthy food to your customers, which can be achieved by keeping the entire vehicle free of dirt and waste.

Griddle, fridge, tea earn and baine marie are some of the basic things that a mobile catering trailer should consist of. Letís have a look at the need and purpose of all these equipment one by one. Griddle is one of the most important components as it is required for all the cooking needs like cooking eggs, beacon, beans, onions, burgers etc. It is probably the most used equipment in the catering trailer. The next equipment i.e. tea earn is used for boiling drinks like tea, coffee, milk etc.

As in our kitchens, storage equipment is also necessary in a catering trailer to keep the food in proper condition. This purpose is served by baine marie and fridge. When food items are to be kept hot, baine marie is all you need. It comes in great handy when food is to be served to a large number of people. You can preserve a variety of eateries including eggs, burgers, sausages, onions, bacon, beans etc., in baine marie. A refrigerator is another essential piece of equipment which prevents the food from spoiling besides keeping it chilled. In addition to a refrigerator, you may need a temperature gauge in order to know the temperature at which the refrigerator is working so that adjustments to desired conditions can be made accordingly.

There is another list of things which comprises of items that do not serve any purpose of cooking but they should be present in any mobile catering trailer. Fire blanket, fire extinguisher, a gas safety valve in case there is leakage, clamp to prevent stealing are some of the precautionary things. In addition to these, your catering trailer should have a proper ventilation system for healthy environment. A hot food probe may also be needed to check the temperature of food items.

Now coming to the most important requirement without which you should not own a catering trailer is the gas safety certificate. Otherwise, if your cooking system is electrically installed then you must have an electrical certificate. Always remember that unless properly tested and certified, do not buy a catering trailer as it may be hazardous, not only to you but also to your customers. Hence, make sure that a qualified engineer or an LPG gas professional has checked the whole trailer and approved it.

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